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"I am excited to announce we are expanding NH Priorities PAC to focus on issues, candidates, and elected officials here in the Granite State.  In particular, the PAC will be focusing on recruiting and supporting candidates for the Executive Council, State Senate, and House of Representatives who are committed to offering fiscally responsible solutions to the issues impacting our great state.

While a lot of attention is placed on national politics, much of what impacts us most directly occurs here at the state level.  Unlike the environment in Washington, DC, here in New Hampshire we have a volunteer legislature comprised of people who truly care about our state and work together to do what is best for New Hampshire."

Peter T. Paul

Our Candidates

Congratulations Chris Sununu & everyone elected in 2016!

Congratulations Chris Sununu & everyone elected in 2016!

The elections are over and now the hard work must begin.

The voters of New Hampshire have spoken and have elected individuals from all over our state to come together in Concord and in Washington to solve the problems facing our state and country.

NH Priorities PAC will highlight the good work being done by our elected officials and continue to recruit and support candidates who promote a solution driven approach to address the issues impacting our every day lives.

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